San Antonio is a vibrant city with tons of businesses and startups. Whether you are part of a seasoned, veteran company in the San Antonio professional scene or you just signed the lease to a tiny office space, it is incredibly important to hire a cleaning company to maintain and take care of your office space. At 1st Call Cleaning Services, we value cleanliness and have extreme attention to detail. In our cleaning company blog, we are going to talk about some of the tactics, tricks, and shortcuts many other cleaning companies take, and why you can trust a cleaning company, like 1st Call Cleaning Services. So, if you are in the San Antonio area and are looking for a dependable and reliable cleaning company, look no further than the experts at 1st Call Cleaning Services. Visit our website for more information today.

  1. Meet the Team ft. Our Custodian, Robin!

    In our second part of the Meet the Team series, meet Robin! She's one of our longer-tenured employees and in this video, she talks about what she likes about 1st Call, what keeps her motivated, and much more!…Read More

  2. Meet the Team ft. Darryl, our training director!

    Darryl started as a custodian and eventually worked his way through the ranks to become our training director. Our first video in this series of Meet the Team features what his favorite part about working with 1st Call is, if he ever saw himself in this position, and how he'd describe his experience…Read More

  3. It’s Time for a Cleaning Service

    Here's the situation: You walk into the office Monday morning. You haven't even had a chance to get your first cup of coffee. The floors sound like someone dropped a big heaping plate of pancake syrup everywhere. The microwave looks like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. Your desk has Cheez-Its …Read More

  4. 5 Easy Ways Your Office Can Help Fight COVID-19

    With over 5 million cases in American as of mid-August and more than 20 million worldwide infections of COVID-19, it's all the more pressing to have a safe and sanitary workplace. Here are five ways you can easily fight the virus:     1.) Sanitize hard touch surfaces frequently. Use a disi…Read More