Cleaning services and janitorial work are labor intensive and require extreme attention to detail. No one understands this more than 1st Call Cleaning Services in San Antonio. We are a Top Rated Local® cleaning service that is dedicated to making the world a safer, cleaner place. Whether you have a wealth of experience working with cleaning services or you are just looking for guidance on how to deal with your office space cleanliness, 1st Call Cleaning Services is here to help you. We have been helping San Antonio for years, and we want to share our knowledge with you! If you are interested in hiring an efficient, affordable, and reliable cleaning service in San Antonio, be sure to contact 1st Call Cleaning Services today!

  1. Spring Cleaning in The Janitor’s Closet

    We know it’s almost winter, but we love doing spring cleaning year round. One of the spaces that often gets neglected at businesses is the area that holds cleaning supplies itself: the janitor’s closet. Sometimes, businesses don’t even have a janitor’s closet! If you want to skip the hassle …Read More

  2. Medical Office Cleaning — Things To Consider

    As we’ve said before in previous blogs, commercial cleaning is an important part of the success of a business. If your facility is unclean, not only is this unsightly and a potential deterrent for customers, but it is also bad for the overall health of your employees and business. Although this is…Read More

  3. How Commercial Cleaning Companies Can Save Your Business Money

    If you are the owner of a small or large business, you are likely realizing how the bigger your business gets, the more money and resources it takes to keep your operation growing. This is, of course, a natural progression and a good sign for your business. If you are currently trying to decide whet…Read More

  4. 5 Ways a Commercial Cleaning Service Can Benefit Your Business

    If you have never worked with a professional cleaning company, you may not understand their true value. You may be wondering what this entails and if it’s really worth it. After all, couldn’t you just hire a janitor, purchase some cleaning equipment, and—wallah—you got a clean facility? Well…Read More