Do I have to sign a contract to get service?

No, not now, not ever. 1st Call Cleaning Services is the only major cleaning service in San Antonio who NEVER requires a service agreement. Clients like Federal Express, Archdiocese of San Antonio and many others have used 1st Call Cleaning Services for over 14 years without ever having to be in a contract. If you are ever unhappy, you can stop service with a phone call. It’s just that simple.

I’m not happy with who I have, but I’m concerned about the hassle of switching. What does the process look like?

Pick up the phone and call 210-504-3415. We will come right over and give you a free quote. Within 24 hours we will provide a start date! And if you need assistance before the start date, we will arrive immediately and provide trash removal and restroom cleaning courtesy trips AT NO CHARGE TO YOU.

Are you insured in case someone gets hurt or something is broken?

We carry both General Liability and Workman Compensation, with limits of 1 million per occurrence, 2 million aggregate. We are happy to provide a binder direct from our insurance carrier, ensuring current coverage for your protection.

How long have you been in business?

17 years and going strong!

Are you locally owned or a national franchise of some kind?

We are homegrown right here in San Antonio, Texas! Go Spurs!

Sounds great, but what if I am still concerned with making a change?

We offer a Free Sample Cleaning to give you a first-hand look at what you can expect. That’s right, a completely free cleaning of an office 2000 sq. ft. or less or restrooms and break rooms for larger spaces.

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