Unmatched Accessibility And Transparency

We pair our best-in-class cleaning services with a simple, straightforward approach to business that lends you support and attentive care at every turn. 

  • We train all of our cleaning specialists in-house, equipping them with 20 years’ worth of best cleaning practices and cutting-edge cleaning technology. No third-party contractors here, no worries for you. 
  • We schedule regular inspections of our janitors’ work to ensure we’re maintaining the sterling quality needed to be your 1st Call.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured with general liability and workman’s comp. We take responsibility for any accidents that might happen.
  • We give you 24-hour access to our management team. If your business doesn’t slow down, neither do your cleaning needs — and neither do we.
  • We customize our cleaning service plans to your specific needs — only pay for what’s necessary.

No Contract Requirements

Ultimately, we’re confident we’re the best cleaning company in the business, and we want to back that up. That’s why we never make you sign a thing. Schedule your service, pay as you go, and enjoy clean facilities without the pressure of locking into a long-term deal. We prove to our clients every day the value of our cleaning services — most have stuck with us for longer than a standard service contract. That’s what makes us 1st Call Cleaning Services! We don’t need contracts to be the 1st Call for countless businesses across San Antonio. 

Still don’t believe us? We’ll put our money where our mouths are. Reach out to 1st Call Cleaning Services today, and enjoy a 14-day service trial on our dime!