COVID-19 and You:

A big part of our lives is spent working with the known and unknown. Without a safe and healthy environment, productivity is almost impossible. Even more challenging is when we don’t know what we could do to help. It’s more important than ever now to reiterate we have your back during this time of public health concern.

Every opportunity we have to improve your workspace is one we take with purpose and commitment. Weekly inspections and sanitizing every surface from desks to door handles are just a few ways we put You first. We are also available 24-hours a day, every day of the week in the event you have any questions or concerns.

We serve you with commitment now as we have for the past 20 years we’ve been in business. We’ve always emphasized the service speaking for itself now more than ever when sanitary is synonymous with safety. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

As for additional deep cleaning/sanitation services, we can schedule a time for our custodian to drop by to disinfect all surfaces.

-Door handles (and the surface surrounding them)
-Light switches(and the surface surrounding them)
-All parts of the doors and door frame that you’d lean on or push/pull
-All parts of the window blinds that pull them up or open them
-All parts of desks, tables, and counters
-Staplers, pens, pen holders(mugs e.g.), hole punchers, the outside of mugs and Yeti tumblers
-PC monitors including the power and volume buttons and all around them
-All parts of keyboards and mice
-The armrest of chairs and any adjustment levers, as well as any part of them that normally would be touched when moving them
-All parts of the file cabinets including the keys attached to them and the surface all around them that you could touch
-All parts of the bathroom counters
-All faucets in the bathrooms and kitchens
-All parts of the exterior of the microwaves
-All parts of the exterior of the refrigerators
-All exterior door handles between the properties
-All keypads
-All card readers, in case you have to touch them for any reason

-All interior and exterior door windows and the trim around them

We can adjust this list to include anything your office might have that isn’t already included.

Kind regards,

The 1st Call Cleaning Staff